1 Peter 2:18-25 – Called To Submit – Called To Suffer

peter-1Continuing with the theme of submission found in 1 Peter Chapter 2, Pastor Dan talks about servants submitting to their masters.  Today, we are encouraged to submit to those who have authority over us in the workplace.

I Peter 2:17 – Praiseworthy Conduct Before God

peter-1According to 1 Peter Chapter 2, We are called to honour all men.  That is not always easy, especially when we feel that they do not deserve it. Pastor Dan explains that when we do honour others, we bring glory to God.

I Peter 2:13-16 – Submit to Governing Authorities – Who Me?

peter-1Have you ever struggled with the idea of obeying those in authority over you like an employer or the government?  This sermon encourages us to honor God through our obedience and also answers the question: “Should I ever disobey?”